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Tuition & Financial Assistance: Text



4 Year Pre-K

$6,500 - Annual Amount

$542 - 12 Month Pay Plan

$650 - 10 Month Pay Plan


K5-5th Grade

$9,500 - Annual Amount

$792 - 12 Month Pay Plan

$950 - 10 Month Pay Plan 


6th-8th Grade

$10,500 - Annual Amount

$875 - 12 Month Pay Plan

$1,050 - 10 Month Play Plan


9th-12th Grade

$11,500 - Annual Amount

$959 - 12 Month Pay Plan

$1,150 - 10 Month Pay Plan

Tuition & Financial Assistance: Price List

Please note that all 12-month payment plans begin June 1st, 2024.

All payment plans end May 31st, 2025. 


We offer several ways to make it easier to meet private school costs: need-based financial aid, merit awards, grants, and tuition payment plans.


  • Need-based financial aid: Excel subscribes to a branch of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) called the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) to determine a family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses. SSS uses the Parent’s Financial Statement to help make a determination of a family’s need. The Parent’s Financial Statement collects information such as family size, total income, savings, investments, indebtedness, medical and dental expenses, any unusual expenses, and other assets such as home equity. Families who demonstrate a need may be provided with a grant to lower the amount they must pay to Excel. These grants offset tuition costs for one year. They do not need to be repaid. The money comes directly from Excel’s financial aid budget. Grant amounts may vary considerably as each family’s demonstrated need varies from family to family. Grant amounts are for one year only. Families must re-apply for financial aid grants each year. Excel’s financial aid budget is limited. Many families require assistance beyond what we can offer through the need-based financial aid.

  • Merit Awards: Excel offers a very limited number of merit awards called the Jonathan Friendship Grant. A family must first have a demonstrated need for assistance above 50% of their yearly tuition. A student may then apply for a Jonathan Friendship Grant. Criteria for this Grant include: absence and tardy history, discipline record, academic performance, extra-curricular activities, Christian service, and personal references.

  • Excel Grants Excel offers three types of grants for a 25% tuition reduction: 

    • Excel Leadership Grant - children of all  full-time ministers and lead pastors.

    • Community Service Grant - children of all public safety and first responders.

    • Protective Forces Grant - children of all military duty personnel (active and non-active).

  • Tuition payment plans: Excel offers an in-house, monthly payment plan with no interest. The tuition amount due, minus any financial aid grant awarded, is divided evenly over a ten or twelve month period.

Tuition & Financial Assistance: Text
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