The curriculum at Excel Christian Academy is an accelerated program that trains students to meet our mission and vision by creating opportunities for students to maximize their academic, personal, and spiritual growth.


At ECA, it is our goal to not only meet state standards but to exceed them. We naturally do this in many ways with biblical integration that is incorporated into every subject. Additionally, all students in K-12th grade are required to read 25 books or 1,000,000 words through a variety of means, genres, and texts. As part of this requirement to read 25 books, each grade level studies a Christian hero of the faith.


Each level of the school prepares students to be successful at the current level while preparing them for success as they transition to the next level: elementary to middle to high to college. Small classes allow for greater student-teacher interaction and mastery of learning skills.



    The Elementary years are foundational in a Child's education. We are committed to helping your child grow and succeed in this changing world. Our elementary school is composed of Pre-K4 through Fifth Grade and provides the foundation of our students’ academic career. In the lower elementary (Pre-K4-2nd), Excel Christian Academy offers a curriculum that focuses on phonics, handwriting, and mathematical concepts. In the upper elementary grades (3rd-5th), the curriculum concentrates on the writing process, reading strategies, and mathematical applications. All elementary classes are self-contained, but are enriched through attending a rotation of specials, which include art, P.E., music and library.


    Our upper grades consist of two divisions, Middle School (6th-8th) and High School (9th-12th) School Middle school serves as a time of transition for our students as they grow, mature and discover opportunities to succeed. Our high school nurtures students and serves as preparatory grounds to equip our students for college and beyond. Our school is a college preparatory program focusing on development of academic skills that will prepare every student for any higher education program.


    Our students’ learning experience is enriched through a variety of elective and exploratory classes. These include Spanish, P.E., art, technology, music, band and chorus. These include



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Excel Christian Academy is a state recognized

Christian Private School

enrolling students in Pre-K through Grade 12 on a single campus.