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What is the PTF?

PTF stands for Parent Teacher Fellowship. PTF was created to help support our school, staff, and the needs that they have. We work together to plan and carry out school-wide functions, and fund events, all the way down to purchasing classroom items the teachers may have.

How do I become part of the PTF?

You can become part of the PTF at the beginning of each school year, by filling out a membership form, or emailing Dues are low and include an Excel t-shirt. 

What does the PTF do?

The PTF works as a facilitator between school and parents to build a sense of community. We help with planning and executing school events, as well as funding certain events. 

Below you will see a list of upcoming events, fundraisers, and parties we have coming up. 

Upcoming PTF Sponsored Events

Drug Awareness w/ Mark Mayton


Thanksgiving Family Social

Christmas Parade

Family Social

Donuts with Dad

Family Social

Muffins with Mom

End of the Year Picnic

Tuesday, October 24th @ 6:00pm


Tuesday, November 14th @ 6:00pm

Thursday, December 7th


Wednesday, April 10th

Thursday, April 18th @ 6:00om

Wednesday, May 1st

Thursday, May 16th @ 6:00pm

Upcoming PTF Fundraisers

Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Santa Shop

Penny Drop

October 30 - November 13

December 4 - December 8

January 8 - January 12

Elementary Parties

Fall Party

Christmas Party

Valentine Party

Easter Party

End of the Year Party

October 31st @ 1:45pm

December 15th @ 10:30am

February 14th @ 1:45pm

March 28th @ 1:30


Middle/High School Parties

Christmas Party

End of the Year Party

December 14th @ 11:45am


If you would like to be a part of the PTF, please click here to contact our PTF president.

Meet the PTF Officers

Stay tuned.



Meridith Childers

Incoming Bio

Erin Neel 3_edited.jpg

Teacher Appreciation Chair

Erin Neel

Incoming Bio

Erika Brock 2.jpg

Membership Officer

Erika Brock

Incoming Bio

Photo Coming Soon Bigger.jpg



Incoming Bio

Betty Suddeth 2.jpg

Vice President

Betty Sudeth

Incoming Bio

Mellodie Hunt_edited.jpg

Room Mom Coordinator

Mellodie Hunt

Incoming Bio

Photo Coming Soon Bigger.jpg


Christy Vazquez

Incoming Bio

Nick Holsomback.jpeg

Faculty Liason

Nick Holsomback

Incoming Bio

Room Parents

Room Parents work as an assistant to the classroom teacher to plan and carry out parties, as well as make sure that our teachers and staff are recognized by their classes throughout the year. They also help in getting school information out to parents. 

Misty Gossett.jpg

Misty Gossett

Pre-K & Kindergarten Room Mom

Dee Williams_edited.jpg

Dee Williams

Third Grade Room Mom

Erin Neel 2.jpg

Erin Neel

Sixth Grade Room Mom

Meridith Childers.jpg

Meridith Childers

High School Room Mom

Alyssa Fitchett.jpg

Alyssa Fitchett

First Grade Room Mom

Erika Brock 3_edited.jpg

Erika Brock

Fourth Grade Room Mom

Alaina Gossett.jpg

Alaina Gossett

Seventh Grade Room Mom

Christy Vazquez.jpg

Christy Vazquez

High School Room Mom

Betty Suddeth 1.jpg

Betty Sudeth

Second Grade Room Mom

Tracy Chapman.jpg

Tracy Chapman

Fifth Grade Room Mom

Photo Coming Soon Bigger.jpg

Kelly Dixon

Eighth Grade Room Mom

Why is PTF important to you?

Alaina Gossett

“Being able to be actively involved with the school, fundraising, volunteering, and advocating for our children and teachers is what makes being part of the PTF important to me."

What is something about out PTF that others probably don't know?

"Something most people don't know about PTF is that joining PTF or attending PTF does not mean you are committing to volunteering. All of our Excel families are invited to ALL PTF events, regardless of whether they have joined PTF, or not."

Meredith Childers

Event Gallery

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