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Athletics: Activities


Excel Christian Academy takes great pride in its athletic program. Athletics are an integral part of the educational experience. We want our athletic program to be fun, challenging, and engaging for each individual athlete. Finally, we want our athletic program to help in making lifestyle decisions, which are in accordance with the values set forth by Excel Christian Academy. All students are encouraged to discover and develop the specific athletic abilities that they possess. We have a wide-ranging variety of sports, and we encourage every student to try to get involved in one or more of them.


The athletic program offers interscholastic competition for students in grades sixth through twelfth. The level of participation is appropriate to the students’ age, development, ability, and interest. More than 85% of Excel students participate in at least one of ECA’s athletic teams.

We believe strongly in the old adage that trying and failing is far greater than not having tried at all. We also point out that athletics are an educational privilege, not a right. It involves commitment, self-discipline, and responsibility on the part of the student/athlete who is representing the team, the school, and himself/herself and their family.

Within athletics, as in education and life itself, there is a challenge to the student/athlete and the team to strive for maximum and ultimate performance, be one’s best self, put forth one’s best effort, and call forth the best in others. With these objectives and values in mind, the Excel Christian Academy Athletic Department strives to build a program of variety, creativity, consistency and integrity in a Christ-like atmosphere, and one that will meet the needs of each individual student.

Department of Athletics Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Excel Christian Academy Athletic Department to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to develop their athletic abilities to full potential while safeguarding their physical welfare in an environment that promotes both high academic standards and the development of leadership capabilities. Our goal is to assist student-athletes by giving them an opportunity to successfully compete in an athletic program that is an integral part of their educational experience. The experience will provide a personalized learning environment with equitable participation opportunities for student athletes to develop their athletic potential. Win or lose, the Excel Athletic Department will encourage student athletes to give great effort, exhibit sportsmanship, and demonstrate respect for all.


  • To provide the opportunity for student-athletes to develop wholeness through learning experiences that contributes to their physical, mental, and social growth.

  • To provide each student-athlete win the opportunity to develop their individual skill and potential.

  • To provide the opportunity for each student-athlete to learn how to function as member of a team.

  • To develop the qualities of good sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, and moral integrity within each student-athlete.

  • To develop an appreciation of the value of physical fitness and condition within each student-athlete.

  • To teach the student-athlete to accept victory or defeat in a gracious manner.

  • To teach the student-athlete the value of hard work and commitment.

  • To provide opportunities for growth and development through athletic competition that will contribute to a successful adult life for each student-athlete.

  • To develop school spirit within each student-athlete.


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